Testimonials of author interview experiences

Marissa Meyer, New York Times best selling author of Cinder

“The video chat and interview Rachel hosted was one of the most fun and well-organized online chats I’ve ever had. User-friendly, interactive, and entertaining for both me and my readers!”


Rachel Caine, New York Times best selling author of The Morganville Vampires series

“Rachel Silberman’s interview style is fun, breezy, professional and above all, highly organized. She gave me every opportunity to shine, and helped me solve technical issues at lightning speed. Highly recommended!”


Alyson Noel, New York Times best selling Author of the Soul Seekers series

“I had such a good time chatting with Rachel! Her interview style is fun, thoughtful, and organized with just the right amount of spontaneity–I can’t wait to return.”


Larissa Ione, New York Times best selling Author of the Demonica series

“I had such a good time with Rachel! Her questions are fun, her energy contagious, and her personality so easygoing. I’m usually a big bundle of nerves when I do video chats, but Rachel made it a breeze! Thanks, Rachel!”


Rachel Vincent, New York Times best selling Author of the Soul Screamers series

“My Q&A with Rachel Silberman was fun, and the program she used made it as easy as having a conversation with a friend. I would definitely do it again!”


Lorraine Heath, New York Times best selling author of the Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy

“Rachel Silberman was extremely prepared with interesting and fun questions. She was also very adept at making me feel comfortable and at ease during my interview. She handled the interview in a way that made me feel right at home.”


Wendy Corsi Staub, New York Times best selling Author of the Lily Dale series

“That Rachel managed to completely engage me in the midst of book tour chaos and at the end of a long, hard day is testimony to her skill as an interviewer and her passion for books and authors. She managed to make the chat fun and engaging, asking unique, thought provoking questions I’ve never been asked before. I’m looking forward to a return visit!”


Katee Robert, New York Times best selling author of Wrong Bed, Right Guy

“I had a blast with the interview! Rachel is a fabulous interviewer and I can’t recommend her enough!”


Simone Elkeles, New York Times best selling author of Perfect Chemistry

“Rachel Silberman has been an amazing, supportive fan of my books for many years. Without being asked, she came up with suggestions for design alternatives on my Facebook page – she even designed some pages for me in the past! Rachel is always promoting my books and is a super positive person. Her passion and energy would be an incredible asset to any corporation or school!”


Christine Bell, USA Today best selling author of Chaos

“If you’re looking for a fun, new way to connect to readers, check out RayKayBooks! I had a blast chatting with Rachel, talking about books and playing games. The half hour flew by!”


Lisa Verge Higgins, RITA finalist of The Celtic Legends series

“The video chat with Rachel Silberman was effortless, engaging, and so much fun! It was truly a treat to spend time with such an enthusiastic supporter of authors and books. The half-hour flew—I think we could have chatted for another two hours.”


Kendare Blake, author of Anna Dressed in Blood

“I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rachel Silberman on a few occasions. She is a well-researched, thoughtful, and professional person, and it’s always fantastic to talk to her. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”


Jessica Brody, author of Unrememebered

“I had such a blast on Rachel’s live chat! Her questions were fun and insightful. I hope to do another event with her soon!”


Anita Howard, author of Splintered

“Rachel Silberman’s reviews are as adventurous as reading a book itself. She’s dynamic, animated, and energetic, with bright and witty observations about plot, characters, and world building. If you haven’t yet treated yourself to her vlogs, make it a point today! You’re sure to come away with fresh insights and new reads to add to your TBR list. I always do!”


Jodi Meadows, author of Incarnate

“Rachel’s video reviews are a delight to watch. She’s engaging, educated, and enthusiastic about the books she reads. I know there’s a lot more in store for her and I can’t wait to see where she lands.”


Leigh Ann Kopans, author of Solving for Ex

“Rachel was SO much fun to work with. From her initial outreach, which made me feel valued and respected, to her interview, which showed the hard work she had done to get to know me and my books before speaking with me, I loved collaborating with her. She made me feel right at home, and being interviewed by her was like having coffee with an old friend. Not to mention that it was a great idea to kick off marketing for my new book! I really can’t thank her enough.”


Julie Murphy, author of Side Effects May Vary

“I had such a great time chatting with Rachel! She was timely and well-prepared. We had a great turnout and I can’t wait for my second book to come out so we can do another chat!”


Claire LaZebnik, author of The Last Best Kiss

“My online chat with Rachel was the most enjoyable interview I’ve ever done—and it showed, because several people told me that it was incredibly fun to watch. She was prepared and professional, and just the right amount of mischievous. I’d work with her again in a second!”


Rebecca Zanetti, Author of the Dark Protectors series

“I had a ball chatting online with Rachel, and I really enjoyed talking about books, characters, life, politics…you name it, we dished it.”


Justina Chen, author of Return to Me

“If you’re lucky enough to have Rachel Silberman invite you onto her YouTube book review, do yourself a favor and say yes. She is the consummate professional and talk show host: articulate about books, passionate about your particular story, and just plain fun.”


Christina Farley, author of Gilded

“Rachel Silberman creates a fun, engaging environment in her Live Chat series. When I worked with her, both our computers crashed, and for some that would throw them off. But not Rachel. She stayed calm and readjusted to the situation and was able to make the best out of it. Rachel also knows how to ask the right questions to pull the best out of her interviewee in a non-threatening way. I highly recommend Rachel if you are looking for a unique interview experience where a live audience can participate.”


Melissa Landers, author of Alienated

“Rachel Silberman interviewed me after the release of my debut novel, ALIENATED. She guided me seamlessly though the live video chat, and we had so much fun that thirty minutes seemed to pass in a blink. She’s a natural!”


John David Anderson, author of Sidekicked

“I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Rachel. Her intelligence, wit, and enthusiasm made her easy to banter with and her questions ranged from the insightful to the delightfully bizarre. She was professional without being stuffy, and always aware of her audience, and I hope I get to chat it up with her again sometime.”


Livia Blackburne, author of The Midnight Theif

“My interview with RayKayBooks was my first ever live chat, and Rachel did a great job of making me feel comfortable. The chat and interview were a great mix of thoughtful questions and fun games. I had a great time!”


Lindsay Cummings, Author of The Murder Complex

“Rachel Silberman was a blast to chat with! She was incredibly well prepared, and had so many questions that I never had to deal with that “awkward pause moment” that I often find in interviews! Thanks, Rachel!”


Polly Holyoke, author of The Neptune Project

“I had a great time during my interview with Rachel Silberman. She is so fun and easy-going, she put me at ease right from the start. Her questions were thoughtful, and clearly she’d done her homework. Our half-hour together sped by in a flash!”


Gwendolyn Heasley, Author of Don’t Call Me Baby

“I loved being interviewed by Rachel. Not only is she organized and personable, but she asks great questions and makes the whole process fun.”


Liz Fichera, author of Played

“Rachel’s video chats with authors are fun and informative. What a great opportunity for authors to come out of their writing caves and talk about the things they love most: books. Thanks for your support of the author community, Rachel!”


Kristi Helvig, author of Burn Out

“Rachel was a lovely and gracious host, and I had a lot of fun with the interview for BURN OUT. The format of games mixed with interview questions was a blast, and don’t even get me started on the visual effects component! I’m looking forward to coming back again soon.”


Louise Galvestone, author of By the Grace of Todd

“My interview with Rachel Silberman was both fun and thought-provoking. Her questions were insightful, she put me right at ease (it was my first live chat), and her literary games are hilarious. I’m so glad I said “yes” to this opportunity!”


Michael Barakiva, Author of One Man Guy

“Rachel’s interview was a joy. She asked fun, open-ended questions that put me at ease and made me feel like my personality could really shine through. It felt more like two friends hanging out and chatting about interesting stuff rather than a stuffy, Q&A. Can’t wait to write another book and do it again.”


Gae Polisner, author of The Summer of Letting Go

“Had a wonderful time on Rachel’s Booktube chat! Rachel is warm and welcoming and asks a lot of great questions, making it easy to interact. Highly recommend!”


Michael Griffo, author of the Archangel Academy Series

“As a non-techie, I had no idea what to expect from a live video chat, but right from the start Rachel made me feel at ease! She guided me through the interview like a pro, asked thoughtful questions, and was great fun to work with!”


Nicole Quigley, author of Like Moonlight at Low Tide

“I had such a great time chatting with Rachel! She was timely and well-prepared. We had a great turnout and I can’t wait for my second book to come out so we can do another chat!”


Tina Moss, author of A Touch of Darkness

“A top quality vlog with a fun and savvy interviewer. Rachel Silberman makes the show a real treat. I’d happily participate again anytime.”


Deborah Blumenthal, author of Mafia Girl

“Rachel does a great job of connecting authors and readers, and making video chats fun!”


Jordan Locke, author of The Only Boy

“Rachel was such a wonderful interviewer. She’s so much fun to talk with, very accommodating, and made me feel comfortable despite my apprehension. Thank you, Rachel, for making my very first interview a great experience.”


Ellen O’Gara, Hennepin County Library Board Member President

“Rachel has been an enthusiastic, dedicated Board Member for the Friends of the Library since she first got involved. Rachel is not only a stellar fundraiser; she is an outspoken supporter of the democratic right of all community members to use the public library and access its programming.”


Marcy Joseph, Hennepin County Library Board Member

“Rachel is very much a self-starter who takes the initiative in finding new and creative ways to do things. She’s fearless, in the good “do-what-needs-to-be-done” sort of way. She is not afraid to reach out to people and share her ideas. We could use a few more of her on our board!”


Sandra Elia, Liberty and Love Coaching

“Rachel has the making of someone great!  Passion, strong willed, and bright.  I dare you to find anyone who has a greater love affair with books.  She is a star on the rise!”